We believe that Numismatics is an art, and that concepts of art lie within each of us.
Art is subject to individual taste, so that what appeals to one, may not appeal to another.

Therefore, we are happy to allow you a full seven days to examine and consult about any
coin we sell. We have been collecting, examining, buying, and selling coins since 1956.
We try our best to avoid unappealing coins, and try to select only coins that have the
potential for significant price increases.

You may return any coin within seven days, PROVIDED that the coin has not been
removed from its original holder. Obviously, we cannot be exposed to switched coins.
Coins, once removed from their original holder, are NOT RETURNABLE.

The descriptions, attributes, and population data shown are accurate to the best of our
knowledge; however, you should make your own inquiries and judgments. We assume
no liability for typographical errors.

By ordering any item from us, you agree that under no circumstances will we be held
liable for any amount greater than the actual price you have paid for that item.

Thank you for visiting us; we hope to make you very happy with your purchases.

Here is an explanation of rarity ratings:

R1 = 1251 or more examples known
R2 = 501-1250 known
R3 = 201-500 known
R4 = 76-200 known
R5 = 31-75 known
R6 = 13-30 known
R7 = 4-12 known
R8 = 1-3 known